The Converse x OFFSPRING collaboration has brought all the heat this month. The latest Chucks to be released have paid close attention to detail, history and the passion of the OFFSPRING community. The designer behind this shoe is Aman Tak, Senior Buyer at OFFSPRING. Tak reached out to the community to contribute to this design, this was shared via a competition to design a unique patch to be sold with the shoe. (Please take note the patches were gift with purchase alongside the launch in store only)

‘When it came to designing this shoe, we wanted something premium. That’s why the aesthetic is clean, it’s cream, it’s black, there’s a lot of discovery elements to the shoe. If you pick up the shoe you won’t necessarily see them all first time, but when you look at the tongue or the toe, there’s a lot of hidden details ‘ Aman Tak

The two silhouettes were sold in store and are now available online. The latest designs hold a special place within OFFSPRING, as we have a produced a product that is community and design focused, whilst collaborating with an iconic brand, Converse.



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