Nike Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’

Nike Air Max 90 ‘DQM Bacon’ 
Bacon sandwiches on the plate and Air Max on the feet for the #offspringhqcommunity on a special Air Max Day. The wait is over – it’s been 30 years since the legendary AM90 and one year after the rumored release date. Dave’s Quality Meat rendition of the Air Max classic is back and it’s hitting the spot.
Dave Ortiz’s butcher themed New York-based street wear shop created this recipe of the perfect bacon-inspired colourway. Served up on Air Max Day. Regarded as one of the most sought after themed Air Max, the prime cuts of reds and pinks with fatty beige and crispy browns imitate the bacon rasher. All smoked on premium leathers and buttery suede. Aged since 2004, with its streaky laces, this design is Top of the Chops in sneaker culture.

We’ve asked the members of the community to upload a picture of the ultimate bacon/turkey bacon/plant bacon roll or sandwich you have made. We wanted to see the feast with you in an Air Max model and we were not disappointed! Although the raffle is now closed, we urge you to see the many creative takes on this by checking out #offspringhqSandwichroll

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