Nike Dunk ‘Scrap’

After massive designs and collaborations this year in the form of the Dunk Low, now evolving into a brand-new silhouette – Dunk Scrap.

Made from scraps with the dunk shape relatively intact, slight modifications have been made to the existing structure of the sneaker of the moment. Made with the uppers pieced together with scraps to create the Dunk look, but a bit more DIY. Clad in thicker, but smaller in surface patches over the toe cap and box, heel, and the famous Nike Swoosh. Mesh fabric on the mid-pane, bringing a mix of textures. Additional stitching dresses the upper, uneven cuts of leather layered on top, and suede to reinforce the side panelling.

Available in two colourways ‘Sea Glass’ and ‘Archeo Brown’ the first a lighter-toned and the second a rich and colourful, like a piece of art. The ‘Sea Glass’ dressed in familiar pastel-green tones, this is one beautiful Dunk with added structural aspects. ‘Archeo Brown’, a complete contrast to the other features a brown hue, it comes highlighted with an array of green, purple, yellow, and pink patch overlays. Both feature a white midsole on a gum rubber outsole.

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