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The Air Jordan series 1-31 has taken inspiration from Michael Jordan’s life, brand ideas and hobbies to create a one of the most successful footwear brands of all time.


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    When Michael Jordan put his name to a range of trainers there was instant worldwide interest in the stylish and innovative high top trainer designs. Today's Air Jordan trainers are designed for the modern man and woman who wants to have a casual look whether they're on the basketball court or hitting the high street with a few friends.

    Air Jordan trainers are available in various colours and sizes right here at Offspring, and look great when teamed with a pair of slim fit jeans. They still maintain their sporting credentials to give you that light feeling that keeps you fast on your feet and the modern colours and designs are right on-trend, helping the range - like the man himself - to become legendary.

    The man himself moved around the court with style and charisma, and you can get that same feeling in your own pair of Jordan high tops, so check out the full range of men's and women's Jordan trainers at Offspring today.