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A brand built on innovation, Timberland was shaped by the creation of a virtually waterproof walking boot that was ideal in cold and warm weather, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry during all kinds of outdoor activity. Over the following 40 years, Timberland developed their original six-inch boot as well as an ever-growing range of boots and trainers that embody the ultimate combination of style and comfort, complete with the injection-moulding technology that originally put the brand on the map.

It was these ground-breaking six-inch boots which gave the brand its lasting name, as they were well-loved by blue-collar workers who needed waterproof, hardwearing footwear. Their popularity skyrocketed however, when rappers of the '90s hip-hop scene adopted the Timberland boot, and they were seen on the feet of every artist worth their salt, from Tupac to Jay-Z. These rapping greats would even travel to small, rural towns to buy the footwear before it became more widely available, and ever since, the iconic work boot has been synonymous with urban style. These days, Timberland boots and trainers continue to use the latest pioneering technology, resulting in an ever-growing collection of durable, versatile footwear for you to choose from. Whether you are heading out hiking, working in all weathers or going out with friends, Timberland shoes are a modern wardrobe staple worth investing in.

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