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Introducing Offspring Outdoors. Being active outside has never been more important, so we took some of the Offspring Community across the city for an epic ACG city trail to celebrate the Mowabb’s 30th anniversary.

OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_1

Community members were pulled all over London, trekking through all conditions, trying to stay ahead by solving clues as quickly as possible.

OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_4
OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_1B
OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_8

With members split into two teams, blue and orange, the spirit of exploration and discovery that ACG represents was in full flow. The day reached its peak with an incredible skywalk across an iconic North London landmark.

"This is so insane! Can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity! Amazing day with incredible people! I can’t tag everyone but big ups to everyone."


OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_10
OS_22_ACG WALK_Hero_2

After taking in the breath-taking 360 views of the city’s skyline our community concluded with a daring drop as they abseiled down over 46m. Friendly team rivalries aside, it was a great day for our community to get together and see London from a new perspective whilst embracing the energy of ACG.