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Offspring meets Nineteen.85

We chat to basketball fan, ‘Sneakers & Recreation’ founder and Offspring community member Mark Surridge.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Mark, a basketball, sneaker, and hip-hop enthusiast from the fine city of Norwich. I’ve been collecting sneakers for over 20 years


Do you have a sneaker memory?

I started playing basketball when I was 16. We didn’t have much money at home so historically I’d only had Gola, Dunlops, or as I got older, skate shoes that were in the sales. I was playing ball in some really cheap busted Nike’s, and I was playing indoor and outdoor every day so they were falling apart. I got a job at a local supermarket and a lad who was a year older than me who also worked there also played ball. One day we played after work, and he couldn’t believe the state of my shoes. We wore the same size, and at my next shift, he brought some shoes in and gave them to me. Jordan 14’s in the Indiglo colourway. He had just got the 16’s and preferred those, and said I needed these more than he did. Those were my first Jordan’s and that’s where it all started for me! We became really good friends, and then didn’t see each other for about 10 years. Then a few years ago bumped into each other and now we play on the same team again!


Do you have a sneaker regret?

I missed the Yeezy Red October drop because I was too engrossed in a Playstation game. By the time I saw the Tweet notifications all sizes were sold out. I then actually had the opportunity to cop a pair for a really reasonable price a few weeks later at a sneaker event, but I decided against it as they were a size too small. Definitely regret that!

Do you have any hobbies outside of sneakers?

Too many really, with the main one being basketball. I still play in the local league and follow the NBA closely too. Aside from that I also enjoy photography, and more recently DIY and home improvements. Anything that I can be creative in!


When did the idea for your brand come about?

In 2019 I dropped my first t-shirts and was selling them through my own Instagram page, and I was also featuring other people’s photos and small brands by resharing them in my story.

This gave me the idea to create a space that was an independent outlet for the clothing I was designing, as well as a space to share knowledge, and aspirational and aesthetically pleasing photos whilst also giving others the opportunity to shine through regular sharing. With the ethos of giving space to people that you may not always see on mainstream blogs.

'We also feature great organisations and up and coming brands too, with a goal of supporting others to succeed, because there's room for everyone to win.'


What was/is the inspiration behind the brand?

Sneakers & Recreation was established as a space for everyone. A community based around the interests of sneakers, plants, and basketball but really a melting pot for much more, as well as personal growth and wellbeing.

The clothing is inspired by the sneakers that we love & everything that we do in them. I try and keep prices as low as possible in order to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the products, whilst at the same time delivering high quality. The brand is more about passion than profits and I’m happiest seeing people enjoying the clothing and accessories.

'It’s a brand that represents creatives, nostalgia, independent brands, and dreamers.'


What’s next for the brand?

The ‘Greatest Of All Time‘ collection is launching on 24/08 which is a tribute to Kobe and MJ, and inspired by 90’s NBA tees. This has been in the works for 2 years so I’m really excited to finally release it! It’s always amazing to work with Cait Burton too who has brought the idea to life. Theres also lots of exciting pieces in the pipeline, including some collaborations with more amazing designers, some more staple pieces, and a re-up of one of my favourite ever designs coming at Christmas.

What does community mean to you?

For me community is about sharing passion and enthusiasm and having spaces and outlets to be able to do that. We are so lucky to have platforms given to us by retailers and brands that provide access, events, and spaces to enjoy sneakers together, as well as having social media communities and apps where we can share our passion daily with people all over the world. I think sometimes we forget how privileged we are, and this can blind our view of what community is and what sneaker collecting is really about.


'Community is also about supporting and assisting each other and making sneaker culture a focus on passion for shoes and not about money or clout. I’ve been lucky enough to make friends up and down the country, and all over the world through a shared love for sneakers, and those connections mean more to me than any sneaker value.'

There are some amazing people in the sneaker community and if you surround yourself with good people then you’ll get the most enjoyment from it. Celebrate the W’s and don’t dwell on the L’s, there’s always another release just around the corner!

Check out Mark @nineteen.85 and his brand @sneakersandrecreation.