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In celebration of the 'Vans Vault x Leica Camera by Ray Barbee' collaboration, Offspring teamed up with Vans and Leica Akademie, inviting 10 community members to take part in a creative workshop on street photography.

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The workshop touched on skills required to take great street photos, learning about the history and theories behind street photography, how to compose street shots, manage camera settings and focusing techniques, exposure control and how to remain calm when photographing subjects in the streets.

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The Offspring Community then voted on their 3 favourite images (taken by the 10 members at the workshop), with the winners receiving their own Vans Vault x Leica Camera by Ray Barbee. A Zine was also created to showcase all participants images.

OS_22_OFF Leica_Hero_10

“Amongst the perpetual buzz of Brick Lane, I was drawn to a steely looking man, minding an inconspicious door. I stopped and watched him for a while, pretending to fiddle with my camera settings, waiting for any break in character, but nothing. Statuesque. Closer. Closer. Too close... Busted. I took the shot and the stare down was perfect – long and deliberate.”

Daniel Park (@kicksanbits)

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“I noticed a mirror on a sun glasses display stand in the market. I was oblivious to this man’s objections of me using his mirror to take a photo. I only found out after I walked away from the scene.”

Paul Tuitt (@Mymategym)

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“When I stumbled upon a plant shop just of Brick Lane the contrast of the plants with the surrounding area stood out and instantly drew my attention. As the session was about capturing people in their day to day life I decided to wait to see if someone would step into the frame, and they did.”

Chelsea Warner (@Chelseaa_Warnerr)

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Big thanks to @vansvault, @r.barbee, @leicauk and everyone who got involved.