NIKE INC. c/o Virgil Abloh™ FAQs

I’ve entered but I’ve selected the wrong size?

We’re sorry but we’re unable to make any changes to your entry.

I’ve entered the incorrect email address / phone number

We’re sorry to hear this. We’d suggest you re-enter with the correct details should the competition still be open. However, should we suspect multiple entries for the same customer, all entries will be removed from the competition. If the competition is closed, no changes can be made.

When will I hear if I’ve won?

All winners will be contacted by email on 2nd March. If you’ve not heard by this point, you’ve not been successful on this occasion

I’ve been selected as a winner but can’t get to the collection point. How can I get my item?

Winners can only collect this product, in person, at the specified location. If you are unable to collect at this time with the relevant winning email and photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence), you will not be able to purchase this item.

What information am I required to take to collect?

We’re advising all customers that we will only sell the items to customers who arrive with their winning email and photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport) which matches the winners name on the email. Should this not be provided or names not match, you will be unable to purchase from us.

I can’t make collection on the day and time allocated to me. What can I do?

Winners can only purchase on the day and time mentioned in their winning email. If you cannot attend on this day, you will be unable to purchase.

If I purchase and decide I don’t like it, can I return this?

Standard returns policy applies.

If I come to the store, can I purchase any stock that isn’t collected

This won’t be possible. We’ll only be selling to the selected winners.