Last summer, three ambitious creatives from the Offspring Community participated in the annual Summer School program with Holiday Club. They contributed to the creation and publication of the Holiday Club zine.


Last summer, three ambitious creatives from the Offspring Community participated in the annual Summer School program with Holiday Club. They contributed to the creation and publication of the Holiday Club zine.

The second issue of the publication, titled ‘The Origins,’ was edited entirely by this year's Holiday Club cohort. It features in-depth interviews with Saul Nash, Priya Ahluwalia, and Charaf Tajer. Every edition of the zine offers a detailed and personal insight into the methodologies of creative experts spanning the fields of design, art, photography, fashion, music, and film, illustrating the evolution of ideas from inception, progression, to completion.

We spoke with Koice (, Katrina (@ktrnd), and Andrew (@ajr_simple) to learn more about their experiences from the three-week program, and how they intend to apply their newfound knowledge to their future creative endeavours.


Hey guys, it’s been an intense three-week program for you all. How did you find working on set and working towards producing a publication?

Katrina: I enjoyed the numerous creative elements that can merge to create something tangible. While some may see just a picture in a magazine, there’s extensive planning and execution involved. As a stylist or a photographer, with lighting and set design, there’s a lot that goes into a photoshoot. It provides everyone a platform to display their talent and creativity.

Koice: I never envisioned myself working on a publication, so this experience was something new for me. Although I’ve worked as a photographer on and off, I’ve never participated in a full production, compromising everything from makeup to set design, so witnessing it in full swing was amazing.


What was your favourite part of the Holiday Clubs Summer School programme?

Andrew: I got to speak to a lot of people that I’d never get to normally speak to, especially the mentors who come from industries that you don’t get to see often. They offered valuable advice that transformed me as a person, altered my approach towards the creative industry and sparked my creative vision. Everyone involved was incredibly kind and always ready to assist.

Katrina: My favourite part was undoubtedly collaborating with other creatives. I had the opportunity to work with photographers, stylists, and journalists, including people I never thought I’d meet, such as those from Dazed magazine. I mingled with a lot of influential figures. There was also this one instance that amazed me. I had discovered a filmmaker who shoots documentaries on YouTube before the programme. I followed him, and just days later, I had the chance to network with him. The whole experience was simply incredible.

“My favourite part of the Holiday Club experience was the opportunity to try everything. Although this was mentioned in the application and advertisements, I didn't expect it to be so comprehensive. I even got to try activities like grooming, which was entirely new to me. My biggest takeaway is a newfound appreciation for everything.”



What was your favourite feature in zine?

Katrina: I was part of the group that interviewed The Flag Twins. It was fun getting to know them and their personalities. The encounter felt more like a friendly exchange than a formal interview.

Andrew: An honourable mention goes to the Casablanca feature. I was fortunate to visit their warehouse and was part of the photography team. One of the photos taken ended up on the cover of the magazine.

Koice: I found myself working as one of the set designers for The Flag Twins feature, on the most complex set of the three productions we undertook. This new venture allowed me to appreciate diverse roles I had never tried before. Set design proved to be a demanding task, more so than we initially realised. But seeing the final result in photographs was incredibly rewarding.


What is your biggest takeaway from the three weeks programme?

Katrina: For me, it was the multitude of creative opportunities that I had the chance to experience. For instance, I got to style Gary Gill, engage in set design, work on editorial pieces, and even interview the Flag Twins. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, for which I'm grateful for.

Koice: I have three main takeaways from the weeks at Holiday Club, and they've motivated me to keep shooting and pressing on. 1: Stay eager and hungry, 2: Keep pushing forward and 3: Be authentic, as personality matters in this industry. Also, to leverage your connections. Networking on shoots can lead to helpful contacts.


“Always be kind to people. This is crucial not only in the industry but also in life in general. This sentiment was echoed many times in those three weeks. Another important aspect is to be willing to learn and eager to listen.”


How do you feel about entering the creative industry post-Holiday Club?

Andrew: I’ve accomplished something I never dreamed of – learning from industry creatives and specialists directly. I’m filled with excitement and hope. I believe we have a promising future and feel extremely confident, which I believe is necessary to produce the work you aspire to create.

Koice: It’s given me a boost of enthusiasm and built up my confidence to take on new challenges and dive into the unknown. I’ve grown more confident in my understanding of production as well. Initially, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but through experiencing different roles, I proved to myself that I can handle the tasks and provide support.

“I feel more confident and motivated after attending the Holiday Club. Initially, I wasn’t really chasing my dreams hard enough, but being around other creatives has fuelled my creative momentum. I now possess a deeper understanding of the creative industry and clearer sense of my career path. I want to extend my gratitude to all the mentors, who helped us discover our identities and guided us towards our goals.”



So, what's next? Has the vision changed?

Katrina: I have a much clearer vision. Before Holiday club, I didn't really know what I wanted to do in the creative industry but doing all the workshops and meeting other creatives helped me discover that I really want to go into production. If I have an idea I want to bring to life, there’s now people that I’ve met I can reach out to – new connections; from other producers to photographers and stylists.

Andrew: Hmm, I think, still the same to an extent. I’m still interested in journalism and photography. I wanted to keep on shooting on film. I also want to do editorial, I'm more motivated to do editorial and I'm more confident as well.

Koice: At Holiday Club, I was introduced to roles that I hadn’t previously considered, such as creative direction. In fact, I didn’t even know what a creative director was until I joined Holiday Club. I also discovered that events are part of production, which is something I’m eager to delve deeper into. Overall, my interest in the creative industry has significantly increased. It's almost become an obsession.


Following the summer school program, Holiday Club extended its support for the budding talent by assigning them a mentor and offering Andrew and Katrina to work backstage at London Fashion Week with hairstylist Gary Gill (who was featured in the magazine), as production assistants for the Molly Goddard SS24 show.

“We wouldn't have had this opportunity and are extremely grateful for the experience, which taught us a lot about production and running a fashion show.”



Katrina has since partnered with a mentor from a production company who provided guidance on creative direction and helped refine her CV and portfolio. Her passion for creative direction, particularly in fashion campaigns, continues to grow. Collaborating with Re-us London has expanded her connections within the creative industry. Now, she’s excited to delve into other creative arenas, such as product design.

As Andrew continues his university studies, he’s also gained the support of a mentor in his journalism career. After five years, he plans to revisit his roots in Thailand, documenting his journey and engaging with local communities. He aims to explore his heritage more deeply through the lenses of photography and journalism.

Koice established connections with diverse clientele, deepening her photography skills. She confidently pursues creative opportunities, supporting music sessions, participating in photoshoots, and working on campaigns and events. She is also on a personal voyage, discovering her Filipino heritage as a Londoner and integrating this unique aspect into her creative work.


“For anyone unsure about their creative path, I would definitely suggest Holiday Club. It truly opens doors, allowing you to discover your likes, dislikes, and passions. It offers a breadth of opportunities and exploration that I believe is unparalleled in London. This is particularly valuable if you're just starting out, so approach it with an open mind and embrace all it has to offer.”


Check out more from Andrew (@ajr_simple), Katrina (@ktrnd) and Koice ( on Instagram.

Copies are now available in limited quantities at our Offspring King’s Cross London store.


27 June 2024