OFFSPRING launched in 1996 in London with a manifesto to serve the emerging sneakerhead culture in a more tailored store environment. Fast forward 25 years and Offspring is still at the forefront of sneaker culture through its Selfridges HQ and evolving community hubs.

With a vision to push sneaker culture forward for its community, OFFSPRING strive to be the authentic link between the community and key brands. As the world evolves OFFSPRING continues to find up to date and modern ways to connect with the community, from reinventing how you collected product with Sneaker pick up days, how sneaker raffles are run and the vibrant Sunday discussion held on the @OFFSPRINGHQ Instagram channel.

As OFFSPRING look to the future, we want to ensure that the OFFSPRING community are at the heart of everything we do and that the community help to guide the steps we make. We are committed to making steps to lift up those around us, collaborating on community led projects with our brand partners.