Providing the future of sports since 1947, Salomon has created functional designs with a purpose for 75 years. The high-quality brand was born in the heart of the French Alps with the purpose of helping people unleash the best version of themselves through fulfilling outdoor sports experiences. From their origins in skiing and snowboarding footwear to becoming the all-around everyday shoe, you can explore a variety of iconic Salomon styles at OFFSPRING today.
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Salomon Shoes: For the Courageous Adventurers

If you’re a risk-taker, adventure-seeker, and fashion trailblazer, then you’ve come to the right place. The Salomon shoe brand has been the preferred footwear for the most daring of explorers since 1947. OFFSPRING’s selection of Salomon trainers features all the essential styles of today, all maintaining the purpose that the brand first set out to accomplish. The Salomon Xt-6 trainers are the ultimate go-to running trainers that provide all the support you need for extreme distances and offer unparalleled performance even in the most severe weather conditions and rough terrains. These Salomon trail running shoes were first released in 2012, but the latest edition returns to OFFSPRING with upgraded materials, cushioning, and a whole new range of eye-catching colours. Explore Salomon walking shoes at OFFSPRING for the perfect pair that best meets your needs, including slip-on, lightweight, and durable walking shoe options. Our Salomon trainers are ready to take you on your next adventure.