Following the release of the Puma x Fenty Avanti, we spoke to two Community members, @therealcapxvino and @rebeccadaisyy_ on their personal connection with the silhouette, styling the Avanti from day to night, and Rihanna’s undeniable influence in both music and fashion.


How has Rihanna’s style evolved over the years?

Caprice: Rihanna’s style evolution has been closely followed by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. From her early days in the industry to her present status as a fashion icon, Rihanna has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to blend elegance, edginess, and individuality in her wardrobe choices.

During her earlier years, she often sported more casual yet sophisticated looks, often favouring simple and understated dresses. As her career progressed, she began experimenting with bolder and more daring fashion statements, pushing the boundaries of transitional red-carpet attire, and showcasing her versatility – whether she’s wearing a stunning ballgown that exudes grace or a striking avant-garde ensemble that captures attention.

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“I remember when Rihanna first came onto the scene, she embraced her culture through style and music while still adding her own twist to the early 2000s style. As the years have passed, she has worn more statement outfits on the red carpets, combining higher-end fashion with vintage streetwear.”


What was your favourite previous Puma x Fenty release or earliest Puma Memory?

Caprice: My favourite release has to be Rihanna’s first collection with Puma, the ‘Fall 2016 Ready-to-wear collection. This was the first time Rihanna had collaborated with any sports brands. By doing this she allowed herself to make space within the industry to showcase her designs.

Rebecca: I have to say that the Puma x Fenty bow slides were my favourite. They were cute and comfortable to wear, whether it was during the summer or for everyday comfort.

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In what ways has Rihanna influenced your own style?

Rebecca: Rihanna has definitely influenced me to be more adventurous with my style, to take more risks, and to understand that fashion is subjective and should be based on what you like and how you feel.

“Rihanna’s fearless approach to fashion has resonated, empowering me to step outside my comfort zone and experiment with unconventional, vibrant, and daring looks.”


What are some iconic fashion moments from Rihanna’s career?

Caprice: Rihanna has had many moments within the fashion industry where she has turned people’s heads. The most iconic moments that stand out for me are the CFDA Fashion Awards (2014), Met Gala (2015-18), Dior Fall Winter 2022 Show outfit and the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show (2023).

Rebecca: Definitely, her Met Gala looks and her pregnancy announcement photos. The world went crazy when those photos came out, and after that, every style moment was a slay! Rihanna was very unapologetic as she embraced her pregnancy with creatively designed fashion statements, showing confidence to her fans while still being on trend.

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How has Rhianna’s collaborations with Puma impacted the fashion industry?

Caprice: The collab with Puma had a profound impact on the brand’s visibility and sales, catapulting Puma into the forefront of the fashion and footwear industry. The Fenty-Puma partnership not only resulted in highly sought-after and distinctive footwear styles but also marked a significant shift in Puma’s brand image, positioning it as a more fashion-forward and innovative label.

The introduction of iconic designs such as the Fenty-By-Puma Creeper, infused with Rihanna’s signature blend of edginess and elegance, resonated strongly with consumers and fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, Rihanna’s involvement in presenting multiple fashion shows during New York and Paris Fashion Week provided Puma with invaluable exposure on an international stage.

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“The collaboration emerged at a time when it brought together various worlds, such as music and fashion. It introduced a new spark and hype to the industry and culture.


How does the Puma x Fenty Avanti reflect Rihanna’s style evolution?

Caprice: The Avanti encapsulates the essence of Rihanna’s personal journey through the world of fashion and her dynamic evolution as a style icon. This collab with Puma marked a departure from conventional footwear designs, showcasing Rihanna’s penchant for blending elements of high fashion, streetwear, and athletic influences into a cohesive and avant-garde product. The design seamlessly merges edgy and futuristic elements with a sporty undertone, reflecting Rihanna’s own progression from her early days in the industry to her status as a trailblazing fashion mogul.

Rebecca: When Rihanna created PUMA x FENTY, her style was very edgy, and sneakers were in a different era compared to where they are now. I believe that the new PUMA x FENTY Avanti reflects the evolution of the sneaker community to date. This demonstrates how much Rihanna’s style has changed since her initial collaboration with PUMA. The previous collaboration had a very specific audience, whereas the Avanti targets a diverse range of people, from sneaker enthusiasts to individuals from various cultures and sporting communities.


What sets the Puma x Fenty Avanti apart from previous Puma x Fenty releases?

Caprice: The Avanti stands out from the previous releases in several keyways, showcasing a unique silhouette, enhanced innovation, experimental aesthetic and forward-thinking vision. The sneaker signals a continued evolution in their partnership and shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and design.

“For me, the Avanti combines elements from various sporting worlds and an early 2000s silhouette to form a unisex trainer that offers both comfort and a modern rebranding to align with today’s fashion era.”


We heard you recently had the opportunity to attend the Puma x Fenty release dinner. Can you tell us more and what went down?

Rebecca: It was a beautiful setup at the Aqua Restaurant on Regents St. We were greeted with cocktails upon arrival. We also had a first look at the Puma x Fenty Avanti release in the new green and navy colourways, having the opportunity to try on our gifted pair and create content with our outfits. It was lovely to mingle with other creators and discuss their take on the trainers, their favourite colourway, and how they styled them. Later, everyone had a sit-down dinner, engaging in inspiring conversations about our passions, and sharing tips and tricks to support each other as creatives.


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22 November 2023


14 November 2023