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  • adidas Raf Simons

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    1 of 1 18 items

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    No sneaker collection is complete without one pair (if not more!) of adidas Raf Simons trainers. The brand embodies that youthful, clean approach that is characteristic of the Belgian fashion designer.

    Any self-respecting trainer connoisseur already knows that adidas has honed an unrivalled range of high-performance shoes that have stood the test of time. Now, by adding his own unique stamp to some of the three-striped brand’s most iconic trainers, Raf Simons has created an ultra-exclusive collection of footwear. Explore a vibrant palette of whites, creams, reds, blues and silvers - each branded with Raf's initials in one way or another, through signature perforations and print.

    Our collection for men and women was hand-picked for you. With suede, leather and canvas options, you're sure to find the Raf Simons design you're after when you shop at OFFSPRING. Check out the latest designs to drop here.