Crep Protect

The ultimate way to ensure your sneakers stay fresher for longer, discover the reliable Crep Protect range at OFFSPRING. From the brand’s signature protection spray to the famous Crep Protect Pill and crease shields, keeping your kick collection in top condition is easy.
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Crep Protect
Crep Protect Wipes
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Crep Protect
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Since the brand’s inception in 2012, Crep Protect has changed the game when it comes to keeping your sneakers looking fresh-out-the-box. Starting with every sneakerhead’s cult shoe care product, the Crep Protect spray, the trainer-loving brand has gone on to create a huge collection of innovative products that promise to keep your kicks fresh, clean and comfy for every wear. From Crep Protect crease protector shields that keep dreaded creases at bay, to on-the-go Crep Protect wipes, perfect for any splash or stain emergency, the range makes looking after your most exclusive shoes easier than ever. Following several limited-edition collaborations with the likes of the NBA, Crep Protect’s trainer knowledge is like no other. Search for life-saving stain removers, laces, insoles and the popular Crep Protect Pill to take your sneaker care game to the next level.