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    You can be sure, when you check out a collab from Rick Owens and adidas, that each pair will master a newly-imagined, sometimes never-seen-before silhouette. This collection toys with and expands the definition of 'sneakers' and takes design to new lengths resulting in unique, adventurous and distinctive styles that might as well have Rick Owens written all over them.

    Explore a range right here at Offspring that combines this eclectic, futuristic sense of style with the expert trainer knowledge, technology and quality that is always owned by adidas. With premium materials and street wearability, we have men's and women's styles hot from the drop, including runners, boots and deluxe sandals.

    Go ahead and shop the whole selection at Offspring today for some sneakers that are truly worth collecting and keep one eye peeled for new styles right here, as and when they drop.