So you want to know how you can be in with a chance of winning some heat on our OFFSPRING Instagram page?  Check out the below!

  • Have notifications switched on for when we post.  Some of our raffle pics are only open for minutes, so you need to be fast.
  • How do you know if it’s a raffle post?  Yeah, we get this a lot.  If you ever see what seems like quite a random picture posted, know that it’s never really random.  There will be small hints on what the post is about and you’ll need to interact by commenting, just make sure you read all the text under the post first.
  • DO NOT post your size in the comment section of our posts, that’s how you don’t win.  To increase your chances, just pop your UK size into your bio.  Seems strange, but trust us, worth it if you’re lucky enough to win
  • Why do we post 🚪 on peoples comments?  Yeah, we do this from time to time.  It’s our way of giving back to such a great community.  If you’re lucky enough to have this happen, check your DMs.  It means you’ve been lucky enough to win a backdoor pass to purchase the product you’ve commented on.  Your DM will explain more
  • Also keep an eye on our stories, we’re always looking at new ways to interact and reward the community, you never know what we’ll do next
  • Finally, be a positive contributor to the page.  We welcome all feedback, just remember it is a community platform and all we ask is you are involved, positive (even if you’re giving us some constructive feedback – we welcome that) and not a reseller, you all know where we stand on reselling by now 🤣

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