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So you want to know how you can be in with a chance of winning some heat on our OFFSPRING Instagram page?  Check out the below!


We have a few different versions of these and you must be over 17 to enter or be eligible to win.  Anyone who has won and is found to be under 17 will have the win revoked and risk being banned from future entries, also check out the ‘Collection ID & Process’ section below also


  • Creative – We’ll give clear guidelines on what the requirements are to enter and all the relevant # to use.  If you have a private account, we can’t see your entry and you won’t be eligible.  Sorry, this is an Instagram function, not one we have control over
  • Post Interaction – We’ll post up an image, which may seem quite random but there will be subtle clues, read the info we’ve given with the pic and interact, these will only be live for a short time so make sure you’ve got notifications on
  • Spring Clean – Not technically a raffle but we are big on giving back to the community on older styles we’ve revoked or came across while doing some cleaning.  Please don’t get in touch on this, ever.  We’ll contact you if we feel we can help out.  There is no need to DM us, email us or call us on this.  It’s controlled by a very small group of people to make sure the people from the community are the right people.  This is based on their interaction with us, their loves of products we may have and them having no connection to reselling



We’re pretty clear where we stand on this, we don’t support it.  We don’t believe resellers create the hype, the brands and retailers do that along with our #offspringhqcommunity.  We’ll do everything we can to keep our allocation of launch product out the hand of resellers.  If you do win, and we then find out you’re attempting to sell for profit, you can expect to be blocked.



We are completely honest about this, we didn’t create the #offspringhqcommunity, you guys did that and it’s completely unique to all of us and like nothing else out there.  People ask how they can be part of the community and the honest truth is, just get involved, interact, be constructive and positive and friendly.  We’re very open to constructive feedback, we see a lot of chatter or sneaker pages saying we aren’t, we imagine these people feature in our block list for reselling.  The real community members will back us up, we really do take constructive feedback well, and when appropriate, will hold our hands up and make changes for the best.  The sneaker community grows so fast, and is filled with so many passionate people that we won’t please everyone, all the time, we will do our best though.  The #offspringhqcommunity isn’t the only one out there and we think that’s great.  However, we only have a few people (that’s rounding up) control the Instagram side of our business and we’d just ask you stick with information we give rather than other information from other sources.  We’re really responsive so you’ll never need to wait too long for updates on what’s going on.


Launch Locations

We get a huge amount of DM’s, emails and phone calls about why all of our launches are just London based.  We hold our hands up, the majority are, although not all.  The truth is, this isn’t within our control all the time and we do our best to get launch product across our store network and to people not UK based whenever we get the opportunity.  We’ll continue to do this where possible and continue to grow the community.


Backdoor Passes

You’ll see us post


on certain posts and comments and you’ll wonder ‘what is all that about?’.  Well, let us tell you..  We decided we were a bit bored with ‘backdoor’ being such a negative term and decided to own it.  So if you see us post a


in response to your comments, get checking your DM’s.  It means you’ve just won the chance to purchase the item the post is relevant to, and we’ll have this shipped to you, regardless of where you are in the world.  This is all part of our commitment to getting


products into the right hands, regardless of where you live.


Regular Winners

We get a lot of contact and see a lot of ? in sneaker pages about us only ever helping the same people and #noonewins


.  It’s just not true, it’s the luck of the draw and we don’t have favourites.  You might see the same people win product in close concession, they are called lucky and interact heavily with the page and have notifications set up.  And why shouldn’t they win if they’ve followed the raffle process correctly and within time?  The truth is, you have a higher chance of winning with us than most.


Getting in touch – DM’s

As we’ve said, we only have 2.5 people run our insta account, so in the nicest way possible, please don’t DM us for service help.  We have an amazing OFFSPRING Customer Service team who will help at they also have a really fast response rate so you’ll be in great hands.  You’re welcome to DM us about anything really but we prefer it’s sneaker / fashion related, that’s the passion.  And, please, if we don’t DM back, we aren’t being rude, we’re just really busy and we’ll make sure we read all the DMs.  You might also see us post on stories asking you not to DM in, please respect that, it means we’re in a really busy launch period and DM’ing in when you’ve not been asked just holds up this process.


Collection ID & Process

There has been some back and forth on this and we’ve settled on the following


  • To collect, you must be on the winning list
  • You must have photo ID (Driving License or Passport)
  • This ID must match the name and date of birth you’ve given on response to our winning message
  • You must show the winning DM in live, not a screen grab or video, you’ll be required to show us it in your DM’s
  • You have to collect within the timescale given
  • You must be respectful of the customers and staff within our stores or you will be asked to leave
  • There may also be addition security checks take place to ensure the product is going to the correct winners


That’s everything we have and we hope this helps answer some of the questions we get.  Thanks for all the continued support and lets continue to make this the best sneaker community about.

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