Taking inspiration from the classic Van Doren prints of the past, the ‘HERRING-BONE’ pack is a 2019 update that’s alive with influences from both the Vans archive and prints found on vintage Vans found in Japanese thrift stores.


Throughout the years the iconic Pirate print has been adapted, twisted and changed from its original inception; all the way to the Star Wars Pack where it featured the Darth Vader mask. The upper ‘HERRING-BONE’ print evokes memories of Van’s earlier designs and those of the early 90’s – now adapted and enlarged to offer an exaggerated aesthetic.

The ‘HERRING-BONE’ pack sees the OFFSPRING logo merge with a skull and crossbones and can be found de-bossed into the side walls of the ERA 95 DX and the Classic Slip On DX 98. The collection will also see an oversized long sleeve T-shirt sitting alongside the footwear styles, featuring the same iconic print and @Offspringhq Community call out.

The first collaboration since the iconic brands teamed up with Cloth Surgeon in 2016, the ‘HERRING-BONE’ pack launches on 13.07.19 – in store and at

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