OFFSPRING Artist Series; John Greene

We kicked off the Offspring Artist Series with artist John Greene for August. The event, sponsored by Atticus larger, saw John customise the back wall at our Bromley store with his unique style. His piece, referencing Mexican mural painting and the act of bringing elements of contemporary art together to form a rich and diverse language.  Or in his own words;

‘This work came together from a wish to celebrate the tradition of mural painting – more specifically Mexican mural painting of the early twentieth century.  The work of artist’s like Diego Rivera, Jose Orozco and Alfaro Siqueiros: the key elements of this style were the marriage of fantasy, iconography and social narrative.  Along with a rich and diverse visual language that would appeal to all Mexicans, the murals were considered the works of the people and for the people and adorned many public buildings; public painting in its truest sense.’



In September we’ll be bringing a bit of home grown talent to Bromley, with one of our very own taking on the wall to create something unique.


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