Veja X Sky Rainforest Rescue X Lily Cole

Eco-friendly French label Veja have teamed up with renowned English supermodel and Sky Rainforest Rescue Ambassador Lily Cole to launch a limited-edition sneaker collection to help preserve the rainforest. Known as ‘Taua’ the sneakers are available in three stand-out summer shades with each design featuring a flora and fauna pattern inspired by Lily’s trip to the Amazon in 2012.  Made in Brazil, the sneakers are made from an organic cotton canvas and have a sole made from wild Amazonian rubber.


When asked in an interview why she chose this project, Cole stated “I love the world and believe we have a moral obligation – for ourselves, for each other, and for generations to come – to seek to protect it. The rainforest provides 20% of the oxygen we breathe, and deforestation contributes 15% of global carbon dioxide emissions… its protection is thus an imperative piece in our fight against global warming.”


Sky Rainforest Rescue is a partnership between Sky and WWF to help protect one billion trees in Brazil. For every pair of sneakers sold Sky will donate £10 to Sky rainforest Rescue and WWF.

These limited Veja X Sky Rainforest Rescue X Lily Cole are available at Offspring Selfridges London and online here

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